How to run TMO and TMS on Win10

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How to run TMO and TMS on Win10

Post by Trzyzet »

Hi, Rad told me to post it here so here it goes:

If you have your CD with Original just install the game, then 1.5.2 update, then copy patch with wine D3D9 to game's directory. Set "run as admin" option and compatibility mode with winXP SP2 both for launcher and game exe itself. Run game exe first, after typing game key and demo test you are able to run game from launcher. Just don't run game before any update.

With Power Up! and first Trackmania I have tiny problem. Patch 1.5.2 for Original can't find game if I'm updating game from first Trackmania. So, if you have first Trackmania or Power Up:
1. Install the game
2. Install Power Up! addon (If you have Power Up! just Install the game)
3. Install from Power Up! to Original update
4. Maybe you have luck, try to update it to 1.5.2
a. If yes, no problemo - go to 5.
b. If no, you need someone with updated Original to 1.5.2, then copy and replace all the files in your game's directory.
5. Copy patch combined with wine D3D9 to your game directory and act like you have Original

TA - DA!! This allows to run TMO on Win10. All the update files are in my dropbox: ... EB_ga?dl=0

PS I just paste link how to make Sunrise Extreme playable on Win10 because many people still ask ... indows_10/
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Re: How to run TMO and TMS on Win10

Post by Poutrel »

You're amazing :D

Thank you so so much for this!
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Re: How to run TMO and TMS on Win10

Post by Techlad7878 »

Once i Install Power Up It says "Reboot Computer to complete the installation?" I do it and Nothing happens
Any advice?
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