i need help with hackers

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i need help with hackers

Post by besekone »


Lately we have had some problems with cheater and hackers, they can perform admin commands and they ban players, can you help me how to prevent the server from this in the future?

im unsing the modified xaseco verson from TheBig
php 7.3 installed
Calvotes and chatvotes are off

this is activated in the xaseco configuration



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Re: i need help with hackers

Post by L3cKy »

That are not cheater or hackers.
You just don't prevent the players to perform the ban and kick votes. ;)

Open "GameData/Config/dedicated_cfg.txt" and change the callvotes.

To disable the standard calls u can use following edit:

Code: Select all

		<callvote_ratio>0</callvote_ratio>				<!-- default ratio. value in [0..1], or -1 to forbid. -->
			<voteratio command="Ban" ratio="-1"/>
			<voteratio command="Kick" ratio="-1"/>
			<voteratio command="ChallengeRestart" ratio="-1"/>
			<voteratio command="NextChallenge" ratio="-1"/>

		<!-- commands can be "Ban", "Kick", "ChallengeRestart", "NextChallenge", ... -->
open next the "xaseco/includes/rasp.settings.php" search and edit:

Code: Select all

//Set to true if you want to disable normal CallVotes & enable chat-based votes
$feature_votes = true;
as last check the "xaseco/includes/votes.config.php" and perform your changes. ;)

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