[xAseco 1] Plugin: Custom Sounds (clickable)

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[xAseco 1] Plugin: Custom Sounds (clickable)

Post by L3cKy »

Plugin: Custom Sounds


- This plugin provides the "/cs" chat command, allows to load different custom sounds via click or given chat command.
- All sounds get's preloaded at player connect and played over the "Sound" channel.
- Sends customizeable server messages via click or chat command (can be disabled)

- Preview


- unzip the file Custom_Sounds_v1.0.zip
- edit "custom_sounds.xml" (all required fields are explained in detail)
- copy "custom_sounds.xml" to xaseco's main directory.
- copy "plugin.custom_sounds.php" to xaseco's "plugins" directory.
- edit the file xaseco/plugins.xml and add <plugin>plugin.custom_sounds.php</plugin> to it.
- restart xAseco


- a few custom sound files are included ("wav_files")


v1.0 - initial release for xAseco1.16+ by L3cKy


- Custom_Sounds_v1.0.zip

Have fun ... so long L3cKy 8)
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