[XASECO2] Plugin: Personal Mommy 0.9.3 (UPDATE)

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[XASECO2] Plugin: Personal Mommy 0.9.3 (UPDATE)

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Personal Mommy

This Plugin is for players who didn't find an end to play. Set a time and a reason,
why you have to go and your personal Mommy does it best and let you know what you
have to do.
Too long time ignoring your personal Mommy results in kick. :D

See "/mommy help" how to activate your personal Mommy.

For more Information, Screenshots, Documentation and Downloads, please visit the related Site at my Labs:
Developer of various plugins for XAseco/XAseco2 and MPAseco,
like Records-Eyepiece, TM-Karma, Alternate Scoretable...
Visit my Lab: www.undef.name

Get it now:
» TM2 Valley
» TM2 Canyon
» TM2 Stadium
» SM Storm
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