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Post by Miths »

Just bought the game a few hours ago - and I'm addicted :).

I run it at 1440x900 on a Core 2 Duo E6600 system with 2 Gb RAM and a Geforce 7900 GTO. At the settings below my framerates are between 40 and 70 on most tracks (significantly more with a first person view, which unfortunately makes me nauseous in a few seconds in this game :)). I just had it dip down to around 25 fps on the first part of one of the desert tracks though.

Anyone know what "force dynamic colors" does by the way?

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Post by PointlesS »

1024x768/medium textures/pc3 low shaders/2x antialiasing/8x anisotrophic/no postprocess/water geometry/low geometry details/no shadows/no lightmaps

I get around 35fps with this setup:
2.16GHz Athlon XP/1GB ram/Modded Geforce 6800LE

kinda weird though...after an hour or so of playing the game starts studdering every 3 exactly 3 seconds...
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Post by Leak »

800x600, with everything at max, except Shadows at high since complex shadows look totally whack when they're cast by a transparent texture like the trees in rally.

Yeah, I'm using a X1900 XT, but my projector only does 800x600 - and the game just looks so much cooler when it's shown at a diagonal of over 2m... :lol: (but then again the projector cost less than 700EUR and the "lamp" is spec'ed to last over 10000h... :D)
Miths wrote:Anyone know what "force dynamic colors" does by the way?
It'll change the screens hue and saturation depending on the overall image on the screen - if you're looking straight at the sunset in Island everything gets colorful, in a tunnel everything gets a yellow tint, and so on. Try it, you'll notice it.

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Re: Your Graphics Settings?

Post by Miitopia »

Yoo! Here's some test that i did :D

I use to play in "High Quality" in-game

Resolution : 2560x1440 (>4:3 Wide)
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080
32Gb RAM 2x16 (2600Mhz)
AMD Ryzen 7 1800X Eight-Core Processor 3.60-4.00 GHz
256Gb SSD

//VeryHigh Quality:
Preset: VeryHigh Quality StadiumA3 132-144 FPS
Antialiasing: 8 samples BayA1 154-210 FPS
Shadows: VeryHigh CoastA4 198-216 FPS
Shader Quality: PC3 High IslandA1 153-200 FPS
Texture Quality: High SnowA5 217-262 FPS
Max Filtering: Anisotropic 16x RallyA1 150-240 FPS
Force Dynamic Colours: Yes DesertA1 157-188 FPS
Force Motion Blur: Yes
Force Bloom: Yes

Preset: High Quality StadiumA3 198-220 FPS
Antialiasing: 8 samples BayA1 270-317 FPS
Shadows: High CoastA4 300-427 FPS
Shader Quality: PC3 Low IslandA1 322-340 FPS
Texture Quality: High SnowA5 375-422 FPS
Max Filtering: Anisotropic 16x RallyA1 260-410 FPS
Force Dynamic Colours: No DesertA1 311-348 FPS
Force Motion Blur: No
Force Bloom: No

Preset: Minimum Quality StadiumA3 398-426+ FPS
Antialiasing: None BayA1 441-666 FPS
Shadows: None CoastA4 652-830 FPS
Shader Quality: PC0 IslandA1 600-654 FPS
Texture Quality: VeryLow SnowA5 612-710 FPS
Max Filtering: Anisotropic 16x RallyA1 488-622 FPS
Force Dynamic Colours: No DesertA1 554-680 FPS
Force Motion Blur: No
Force Bloom: No
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