Ultimania Standalone: Easy record driving without own server

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Ultimania Standalone: Easy record driving without own server

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It have never been easier: Enjoy advantages of offline play (your map choice) and drive records for the database at the same time!

How it works:
This is minimal client for the Ultimania Stunts Database.
It's ment to be used for users who want to play their own maps
and dont want to run a full dedicated server with xaseco.
This way it is possible to play the maps "offline" but
scores will be saved in Database. It works quite easy.

1. Start an ingame server (LAN or Internet doesnt matter):
Go to main menu and click
Party-Play -> In local Network -> Create
You can ignore most settings. Interesting is the Timelimit
Set it to 0 to deactivate Map ending and play forever.
Now click start and select your Maps

2. When you started your ingame Server you have to doublick
start.bat. A scary black window with scary white text should
appear and show you that it is running.

3. Enjoy driving your Records. You can quit server and start with
another Map without restarting Ultimania Standalone

This is only a very minimal version of Ultimania. The whole
functionality is only available if you use the Xaseco Plugin
Download it here: http://sf.net/p/ultimania/

The latest Ultimania Standalone (it MUST be the standalone version! be careful you dont get the xaseco version) can always be found here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/ultimania/

Stunt only / Beta / Minimal client version
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