Nyx Server Installation Notes and Script Deployment Guide

Onyx with its NyxServer is a plugin container written in java. Nyx plugins are simple javascript text files and can be added and removed on the fly. Some plugins: TMX, Dedimania, NextMapInfo, CopperDonation and many more.

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Nyx Server Installation Notes and Script Deployment Guide

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Here are the installation notes for the Nyx Server

Step 1: Download of the binaries

- Go to http://www.dndnetworks.com/modulonyx
- Download the latest Trackmania NyxServer and save the file TMNyxServer.module.zip on your hard disk.

Step 2: Deployment of the NyxServer

- Ensure your Onyx is started (if not, start it)
- Copy the file TMNyxServer.module.zip in the modules directory.
Onyx will detect the module.zip and will automatically deploy it and start it. A LAN Trackmania server will be created by default.

Step 3: NyxServer Configuration

First of all, it is advised to stop the Onyx during the configuration.

Nadeo Configuration:
You will find the file dedicated_cfg.txt in the directory TMNyxServer\dedicated\GameData\Config.
This file defines the Nadeo parameters of your dedicated server.
Open it with a text editor to modify it and save it.
Most likely, you will modify the passwords of each level and add a login, password and a validation_key in order to be able to create an internet server and the server pack mask.

Launch Configuration:
If you want to modify the command line which starts the nadeo dedicated server.
Edit the file start.[sh|bat], modify it and save it.
Most likely, you will remove the /lan in order to start your server on the internet.
More info in the Readme_Dedicated

Additionnal Notes for the NyxServer:

1) By default, the dedicated_cfg.txt is configured with a xmlrpc set to the port 5050. This is done to avoid conflicts when Onyx is started after the game on the same machine.

2) If there is already a nadeo dedicated server running on the xmlrpc port defined in the dedicated_cfg.txt. Onyx wont start a new one but will connect the current one.

3) Be aware that the real NyxServer is not the modules/TMNyxServer directory but in one of the subdirectory of modules/temp.
Each time, a modification is done in the module directory, a copy is done in the temp directory.
So, if you add maps in the Tracks directory, u need to add it to the real nadeo dedicated server.

Some users even advise to run a dedicated server externally and let Onyx to connect it.


Script Deployment Guide

Installing a script (also called javanyx) is really easy.

- Go to http://www.dndnetworks.com/modulonyx
- Choose a module with such type: NYX or CYX.
- Download the file (example: time.module.zip)
- Copy it in the modules directory of your Onyx.
Onyx will then detect the file and will deploy it.

Sometimes, there is a need of configuration: Open the module.xml with a text editor and modify as you like. Save it.
Onyx will notice the update and will re-deploy the script.
(Same thing if you need to modify the nyx script itself)
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