[Xaseco2] Plugin: Handicap

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[Xaseco2] Plugin: Handicap

Post by Mikey » 05 Apr 2012 08:57

This plugin is an alternate end results screen for TimeAttack mode. Where a handicap time is applied to each players finishing time and a new Handicapped result is used instead.
The idea behind this plugin is to give lesser skilled drivers a chance to win and an extra interest for all involved.
The handicap is based on recent server results, not ladder points or server rank etc. So if the skill balance changes on the server as players join or leave, the handicaps quickly adjust as new results are recorded, so it should mostly be fair at anytime regardless of who is connected.

There as an admin command to turn the handicap results on and off.
But a minimum of 4 players are required for Handicapped results to be used (when enabled).

Version 0.40 http://www.freewebs.com/mikeysgarage/fi ... ndicap.zip

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