Breaking Rules (60k -90k)

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Breaking Rules (60k -90k)

Post by jozaps » 28 Aug 2010 15:25


I check just some coast servers and I see, than rules is not important for most of servers.

Rule is : Tracks length >= 45 seconds

Rev.Coast 90k Lotto - 17 maps under 45 sec,
ManiaCs on Coast 2 - 7 maps under 45 sec,
ManiaCs on Coast - 5 maps under 45 sec,
)))SOA ((Best Of Coast - 13 maps under 45 sec,
Mc SH^DS Coast - 1 map under 45 sec,
LRT Coasty Surprise LOTTO - 3 maps under 45 sec,
cc COAST - 3 maps under 45 sec,
Competition Coast - 5 maps under 45 sec....

Hmm! I don't check more, but now I have a question: why on the most of servers not important Rules and what doing Moderators, because people tell me, when this situation is more than 0,5 years???

sunday driver
sunday driver
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Re: Breaking Rules (60k -90k)

Post by Camion » 28 Aug 2010 18:12

What time did you see? Important is the gold time of the track, not the author time and not any dedi or tmx times. Pls show us some pics to proove what you are complaining about.

edit: i guess you dont like coast server

Dr. Kaputnik
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Re: Breaking Rules (60k -90k)

Post by Dr. Kaputnik » 28 Aug 2010 18:34

What you where checking is the author time of the maps, but what counts towards the rules is the gold time. I've just checked my server (Competition Coast) and there are five maps with author time below 45 secs, so I guess you did the same on the other servers.
As far as I believe the map length on all these servers you mentioned should be within the rules ;)

edit: @Camion: Looks like he's running his own coast server (RC Coast LV) ^^

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