[Xaseco] GoalRace 1.01 (7.1.2010)

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[Xaseco] GoalRace 1.01 (7.1.2010)

Post by reaby » 06 Jan 2010 16:46

G O A L R A C E ver 1.01
Updated at 7.1.2010
idea by makoz, Gleant and Dis

Play Rounds inside TimeAttack-mode!

Race against friends on who gets first on goal and get points
on placement and how many players is in game.

### How to play? ###

To get help ingame try /goalrace help

1. Assign players by /goalrace players

2. Assign game mode /goalrace restart X
X is true or false
this is optional, it will default to true

3. Start game by /goalrace start X
X is number of rounds

If you want to cancel, just /goalrace stop

After you have started the game, you cannot add or remove players nor change game mode.

### Install ###

1. extract files to xaseco directory

2. edit plugins/plugin.goalrace.php and find line 13, edit it to match the logins you want to have ablity to control the plugin.

3. add <plugin>plugin.goalrace.php</plugin> to plugins.xml

4. restart xaseco

### Wishlist / Todo ###
* Stats on wins & players (will use mysql)
* Logging to custom file
* Chat command for showing points
* XML-config file
* Stylize [Goal Race] - text ouput
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Re: [Xaseco] GoalRace 1.01 - play rounds inside timeattack-mode

Post by david_jumper » 11 Jan 2010 20:19

Very nice plugin!
Does it support Stunts Mode? :D

I tested it in Race and It was working perfectly!

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Re: [Xaseco] GoalRace 1.01 (7.1.2010)

Post by Amoker » 30 Aug 2012 19:51

Great Plugin!

Thank you!

Are you still working on the to-do's or did you drop it?

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