[XASECO2] autoTrackManager

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[XASECO2] autoTrackManager

Post by sotn0r » 02 Feb 2015 15:26

I have ported w1lla's autoTrackManager plugin for Trackmania United/Forever to Xaseco for Trackmania2

The original plugin can be found here: http://plugins.xaseco.org/info.php?id=5

Installation and configuration are the same as in the original plugin (text copied from there)
Remove / delete tracks from tracklist if track karma got lower than a given value
Chat commands

/atm 'Show autoTrackManager infos/options'
/atm setminvotes 'Min. votes needed to activate autotrackmanager for this track'
/atm setpercent 'percentage 40% bad 60% good'
/atm switchdebug 'sets debug on/off'
/atm switchatmlogfile 'Logfile to log removed tracks | Leave emtpy to disable logging'
/atm switchwritematchsetting 'Set to true/false if matchsetting file should be updated after ATM action'
/atm switchdbfree 'Set to true/false if database entries should be deleted too'
/atm switchtrackhandle 'Set to "remove" or "erase" to specify what to do with the track if it will be sort out'
/atm switchstatus 'sets to on/off'

1. unzip the script to xaseco base directory
2. edit xaseco's plugins.xml and include the following line:

Code: Select all

3. restart xaseco

Setting up the plugin is done via xml file plugin.autotrackmanager.config.xml in the xaseco base directory.
http://tmserver.eu/xaseco/plugin.autotr ... er_tm2.zip

Thx to w1lla for the Xaseco 1 plugin, Thx to ck|cyrus for the original plugin.

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