[XASECO1] DynMaps 0.1.0 BETA - Dynamic Tracklisting

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[XASECO1] DynMaps 0.1.0 BETA - Dynamic Tracklisting

Post by askuri » 18 Sep 2013 18:26

When uploading more than a thousand Tracks to your server, you'll see more and more how it goes slower and slower. Now more players are joining, the CPU goes to 100% at scoretable and synchronisation. Half maps with same amount of players would cause less CPU usage. But you want your thousand tracks and that much slots with the same price. So what you gonna do?
You have only 5 maps the same time in your tracklist, but dozens in the back-end. No, you don't remove the played track on round end and add a new one, no this Plugin will do this for you!

As explained above, this plugin adds and removes the maps from the tracklist to keep it small. It chooses the tracks from special folder in your /GameData/Tracks/ folder. Jukeboxing is also possible and you can see all the tracks on the server (but not in the tracklist ;)).

This could be a bit hard to understand, so I created a picture to visualize it ;)

This isn't that way easy as the other Plugins here, because it takes over wide ranges of RASP.
Here we go:
  • Unzip the file anywhere you want
  • Do a backup of the whole xaseco folder!. I won't help anyone get his xaseco working, if he didn't made a backup!
  • Open the folder xaseco
  • Copy dynmaps.xml to your xaseco root folder and modify it to your needs
  • Open plugins folder
  • Copy askuri.dynmaps.php into your /xaseco/plugins/ folder
  • Do the same with plugin.rasp_jukebox.php but replace it with the original
  • Jump back to the root folder and open the includes directory
  • Copy rasp.funcs.php into the /xaseco/includes/ folder
  • Open the plugins.xml in your xaseco root
  • Add the following line one line before the RASP plugins:

    Code: Select all

    That's very important! Adding it after them, you may get errors about undefined functions or anything else.
  • Don't restart now, set up the maps folder first! (Following step)

Managing tracks:
This is easy done. Go to your server folder and open GameData/Tracks/Challenges/. Create a folder called dynmaps. You can put all your tracks here. No limits, no performance loss (ok, it takes more time on caching challenge information. But that's only when manually do this, or on startup (set <startup_cache_reload> to true in your dynmaps.xml)).
Important: You should have only 1 trck in your real matchsettings, normally saved at /MatchSettings/tracklist.txt. This plugin dont changes anything there, so every startup of the Server begins with 1 Map

  • /dyn_cacherefresh: Reloads challenge information cache. This can take a few minutes and depends on the amount of challenges in .../Tracks/Challenges/dynmaps/. Xaseco don't react during this time! I'm working on a fix for this.

  • 0.1.0: Initial release

Todo list:
  • /list works only until the 1900th track, then no longer a clickable appear. fix this
  • Xaseco not reacts when loading challenges info cache. Do a kind of multithreading.

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/653 ... s0.1.0.zip

Have fun with this and report bugs you find. Keep in mind, this is still beta ;)

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