Callbacks monitoring, enhanced

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Callbacks monitoring, enhanced

Post by Xymph » 21 Jan 2011 21:48

Those who've toyed around with the dedicated server or built tools for it will already be familiar with the callbacks script in the RPC utilities. It worked fine but when you wanted to follow only a subset of all callbacks (say, PlayerCheckpoint and PlayerFinish), there could be a lot of interference from others (like PlayerChat and Begin/EndRace).

I've now addressed this by adding a whole bunch of command line options to tune the output. It's now possible to disable part or all of the logging for the callbacks that produce the most output, thus eliminating clutter and allowing you to focus easily on the callbacks of interest. The code has also been optimized a bit and commented better. Additionally it's possible to check the WarmUp status upon every StatusChanged callback.

Here are the available options and their function:

Code: Select all

Usage:  callbacks.php [-crpikftw] [-h]
        -c      Disable SChallengeInfo details in Begin/EndChallenge
        -r      Disable SChallengeInfo details in Begin/EndRace
        -p      Disable SPlayerRanking details in EndChallenge/Race
        -k      Skip PlayerCheckpoint callbacks completely
        -f      Skip PlayerFinish callbacks completely
        -i      Skip PlayerInfoChanged callbacks completely
        -t      Replace chat text with '...' in PlayerChat
        -w      Enable GetWarmUp calls after each StatusChanged (TMF)
        -h      Show this help information and exit
As before, the script is included with the RPC utilities. Cheers.
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