Send tracks for ESWC Grand Final TMNF until 1st June

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Send tracks for ESWC Grand Final TMNF until 1st June

Post by Alinoa » 26 May 2010 07:49

Hi all :D
You can send tracks for the ESWC Grand Final TMNF until 1st June. Find below the news written by ESWC :
A new pack of tracks will be created specially for the ESWC Grand Final 2010. The tracks will be selected by a group of international players according to the usual specifications.

The maps’ selection will be organized in three steps:
First step: the Organizing Committee (OC) of ESWC will take delivery of the maps sent by the community until 1st June 2010 at
Second step: The selected international players will be able to vote for the best 5 tracks received.
Third step: the OC will use the vote’s results as advice to select the final 5 maps and published it between the 3rd June and 8th June 2010.

Specifications to build official map will remain the same as last season:

1- The length must be approximately 1 min – 1 min 30.
2- The maximum weight for a map must be 2500 coppers.
3- The map must only use original soundtracks of the game.
4- The difficulty and risk should scale progressively throughout the map. The easiest part should be at the beginning while the more difficult part should be at the end.
5- The difficulty must be hard as it will be maps dedicated for competition and played by the best players. It means that obstacles or series of obstacles have to be hard to master. These obstacles may also propose different ways to handle them.
6- The player’s mistakes don’t have to be too much penalizing to not totally ruin the race or the chances to catch up. The author may possibly include a heavy penalizing obstacle at the end of the map since it will not change anything.
7- Maps may propose a choice of obstacles which brings players on different roads only when it remains on a very short length and rejoins quickly. The idea is to propose a choice of different difficulties but without making it different races.
8- Maps don’t have to involve Media Tracker during the race, even to help during a looping. Players have to manage their point of view themselves. However, it is possible to use Media Tracker at the beginning of a track to introduce it, or at the ending to provide a finishing sequence.
9- At the end of a map there should be a way for close players to catch up their opponent in order to keep a possibility for them to finish first, even if this way is very risky. This will keep an interest in the race.
10- Maps should include different types of obstacles requiring different skills in order to play with strengths and weaknesses of players. Maps should not be just a series of jumps, or just a series of turns, or just a series of loopings.
11- Maps may not mislead the player through false roads, misleading panels or confusing crossroads. The road to follow and choices to make should always be clearly identified.
12 - Maps may include shorts portions of TMNF “ground block”. A maximum of 20% of “ground block” can be used for the whole map.
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Re: Send tracks for ESWC Grand Final TMNF until 1st June

Post by Vang » 26 May 2010 22:52

Meh, I'll prboably wouldn't finish, but i'll see what I can do.

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