Network connection problem!!

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Network connection problem!!

Post by FNR Green-ray x5 » 08 May 2010 07:40

I can't go into online and Party mode in TMUF, while Servermania is running :( . "Network connection could not be initialized" is the error message! please help me!

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Re: Network connection problem!!

Post by Mort » 08 May 2010 12:17

Do you have servermania (and the TM server) running on the same machine you are running the TM game?

If so, make sure you have the server running on different ports to the default. The default port (2350) is the same as your game and will cause it to fail. If that is set correctly (try 2352) then you should be able to use Party Play to connect.

for Online play you will need to have a router that supports NAT loopback, or use a slightly "dodgy" method of IP address allocation to make your PC look like it it connecting to your server from the internet. Not sure if that works when the PC is running the game AND the server though.

Try this post for more info

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