Duo-Competition 2008 | NEED TRACKS

Come in to speak about the competitions different organised by Nadeo and the community.

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Duo-Competition 2008 | NEED TRACKS

Post by N3D » 03 Oct 2008 15:02

The Duo-Competition is a tech tournament you can only do in duos. There will first be divisions, after that there will be a knockout stage. The winning duo has to battle each other to decide who is the total winner, but of course even the losing person in that duo has the honour of calling himself winner of the DC 2008 :D

For the competition we of course need maps you can send the maps to me: teuneboon@gmail.com. This are the requirements:

-Needs to contain some nice tech parts
-No cuts
-Must be between 0:55 and 1:10
-Not too much scenery, this is to prevent lag
-Must be in day
-Stadium environment
-Will be driven in rounds
-Can't be published online anywere
-Put DC- in front of the name

So if you want to have your track in a big competition, send it to teuneboon@gmail.com.


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