Speed is Key Competition

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Speed is Key Competition

Post by Owen J » 11 Apr 2016 16:02

Original: http://united.tm-exchange.com/main.aspx ... =auto#auto
All PMs about this comp. go to http://united.tm-exchange.com/main.aspx ... 27038#auto


Speed is Key is gonna be a competition where players aim to get the best time on a selection of tracks across all envis using only the Island car.
This competition is only for TMUF and NOT TMNF TMS etc.
This competition is free and donations will NOT be accepted, although copper donations are allowed.
Disclamer: sorry if is not as professional as it should be, I am new to all of this.


I am not a great builder and cant make the number tracks I need in the time,
So I will need you guys to make the tracks.

a. All envis allowed
b. Only Island car, Click Me! for Island car in other envis
c. Must be fullspeed
d. Between 30s and 1m 15s
e. NO unlimiter
f. TMO Bases and hidden blocks are fine
g. Race mode only
h. Please send maps through PM to me
I. Deadline is the 9th of May
j. I will need five maps for all envis
k. You can update you're map before the deadline
l. You can upload you're map after the event has finished
m. maps should be medium - hard difficulty

Note: please inform me if there is something unclear


a. Driving will start on the 16th of May
b. All maps should be in a Track Pack on my account
c. Deadline is the 16th of June
d. Send your replays in a PM (this is so other players don't know your time)
e. shortcuts aren't allowed
f. mappers can drive just not on their own track

(per map)

1st = 50 points
2nd = 25 points
3rd = 10 points
4th - 6th = 5 points
7th - 9th = 2 points
10th + = 1 point

please tell me if this unbalanced


I don't have many coppers or ideas for prizes.
so please help me

Top five drivers will get prizes
Top five mappers will get prizes

Ending Info

I don't have much else to say except have fun
also keep the talk here to about this comp and TMUF

- Owen

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