Penecup 4, get ready !

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Penecup 4, get ready !

Post by Kamy » 16 Jul 2015 19:48

Hey everyone,
The Penecup is back !
For this 4th edition, 28 maps which can all be driven in less than 20 seconds are only waiting to be trained !

As last year, you'll have to race all 28 maps to get a 'total time'. This time will determine your rank in the cup.
Moreover, you'll have a cumulated time for each environment, so more specialized players could still have a chance to be in a good spot.
You'll find many map styles ! A bit of dirt, some fullspeed, a lot of tech ! You'll love the maps !

This year, a great new thing is coming : the PeneBoxes !
But, what are these? It's just some mystery boxes that you can win while finishing runs or while taking local records.
These boxes can give you coppers, up to 10'000 ! Will you be one of the lucky players to get a big prize?

This year, we guarantee at least 350'000 coppers to win, and this amount will be bigger with your donations !
The 50 first players in the global ranking will get coppers, and the 3 best players in each environment will get some too.
You think you won't be well-ranked? No problem ! A jackpot will be made after the end of the cup, which will get a lot of coppers, in proportion with your donations. This jackpot can be won by anyone who completed the 28 maps.

As last year, you'll have 14 days to give all you can. It will start on August 2 21:00 CET, and will end on August 16 21:00 CET.
The server will be named 'Penecup 4'. You will be able to find it in France > Ile de France > Val de Marne

Prepare your peripherials, and get ready for the grand adventure !
We wait for you Sunday, August 2nd, 21:00 CET for the opening, we hope to see you there !

The Whole Penecup 4 team.

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