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Help needed to find winners of different TMNF Cups in 2011

Posted: 19 Apr 2012 05:14
by abgematzt
Hello to all TMNF buddys,

i need help. I need an overview about all Winners in single Rank of 2011 from the important TMNF Events ( yes, its difficult to filter which Cup is important ^^).

As example:
- RED STI F1 World Cup Season 1
Driver Champion "SnoOP"
- AVP Knockout 2011
Hardest Knockouter Driver "JoDooky"

etc etc

You know what i mean? I got from Frostbeule a weblink from a not complete List from all Events at 2011. That is the problem.. not completed because the List are in beta phase.

Can the Community help me to collect this Info?
The best info is:
- Drivers name
- Login name
- Event he wins

- SnoOP
- snoop
- RED STI F1 2011 driver champion in single result

Thx to all they collect input for us ;)

20 Winners of different Cups they won in 2011 i need. I refresh here the names in my thread ;)
thx to Bergie to spend some infos about my thread ;)

1. SnoOP from RED STI (Single driver Champion of RED STI F1 2011)
2. Bergie from dignitas (The gathering 2011)
3. JoDooky from RTA (LSB Nightcup Winner 2011)
4. Artishow from Mythix (Giant Cup 9 2011)
5. Frostbeule from Acer (Alienware Cup 2011)
6. Hakki Junior from esuba (ESCW 2011)
7. Carl jr. from dignitas (Alienware Cup 2011)
8. Tamarillo from Acer (Alienware Cup 2011)
9. Nugget from Acer ( TMM Solo Cup 2011)
10. Vogter from RTA (AVP Knockout 2. Place; Jodooky won this Event but he is listed as winner of the LSB Nightcup)
11. Renew from Elite (NCL Cup Winner 2011)