new records on DBC

Come in to speak about the competitions different organised by Nadeo and the community.

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new records on DBC

Post by r2d2 » 08 Jan 2009 09:43

Hi All

DBC -des Bois competition- knonw its gretest moments lasts days, here come some numbers :

more than 2 000 Players
more than 175 000 coppers donnations (fully redispatched to top 100)

One great winner : SANDDER . He ends to the ZOOZ reign, winner of the lasts 3 DBC

All champions and amateurs were on the road, it was a great pleasure to see the best of united community here :-)

With the post, we launch the new manialink of dBC : [url=tmtp:///:dbc]tmtp:///:dbc[/url]

Integrated to TM-Ranking catégory Internationnal 2, (same level as SL, LE)

Thx to everyone, hope well meet you in february or march for a new competition no-train in relay race mode :lol:
Waiting that, hop hop hop, relay race every evening from 20:30 (GMT+1) [url=tmtp://#join=RelayRace1]Relay race server[/url]
(france / nord pas de calais / nord)

see you soon
La team des Bois
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Re: new records on DBC

Post by Zooz » 08 Jan 2009 12:56

Yes, this was the best DBC so far, I think.

I'm surprised i still got 3rd, only had time to play in the first week and there were a LOT of good players. But having some of my own maps in the mix helped ^^

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