150.000cc to be win + 3x original TMU

Come in to speak about the competitions different organised by Nadeo and the community.

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150.000cc to be win + 3x original TMU

Post by CraxX » 20 Dec 2008 07:55

Okey fellas,
welcome to the maybe biggest copper-competition ever run in TM-history :V

The project will be started on a server (Netherlands)

10 tracks (8 techs/2 fullspeeds) will be played over 2 weeks.

Whose serverrank is no.1 then will get original TMU or 30.000 coppers!!!

Same prize for the second and third place.

4. 20.000 cc

5. 13.000 cc

6. 7.000 cc

7. 5.000 cc

8. 3.000 cc

9. 2.000 cc

10. 1.000 cc

Only stadium will be raced. We race in time-attack with a limit of 6min each. No restarts. Cutting --> disqualification.


If you have some coppers to spend and make the prizes even higher - would be really appreciated :)

My login is: scop


Today, Saturday, 20th December at 12.oo o'clock - german time. Closing time: 4th January 16.oo. I decided to let the server be open for 2 weeks cuz sum of you will be on holiday and so you have a chance too :V .


2 Servers sponsored by the FiX-clan.Location: Netherlands. Name: win 150.000cc tournement A big big thanks to them, especially to Stalin (L) .


Only me know the tracks. So you cant train before but when the competition starts there will be a mappack to download ;) (will post it here).

So now i wish you good luck :) . Tell everyone you know about this project and hopefully this event will write tm-history :V

For more infos read this:

http://tmnforever.tm-exchange.com/main. ... =auto#auto

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Re: 150.000cc to be win + 3x original TMU

Post by Alinoa » 22 Dec 2008 12:06

I remind you that you can make an ingame news to present your competition. For more information, please click here :wink:
To add a server in your favorit list, copy this link in your game’s browser address bar

For direct hosting open to all, write <hide_server>1</hide_server> in the command line and use

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