Balkan Tournament

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Balkan Tournament

Post by borisM » 04 Oct 2008 06:06

Everyone can sign up for this tournament.
BT-Rules / Season 1 / TimeAttack

This is a pure online time attack tournament. There will be a server with twenty slots where you can drive if there is a place free, else

you will have to wait for your chance. There will be no callvotes and no challenge download.

Signups :

You have to register on this site and subscripe to the tournament at registration. Be sure to provide a valid email adress for the confirmation mail,

and also your exact Trackmania login, which cannot be changed later. If you need a correction of your Trackmania login you have to ask for in

in the support forum to be done by an admin. You can sign in for the tournament till end of round one.

Rounds :

There are four rounds. Each round starts on Monday at 01:00 CET and ends on Sunday at 23:59 CET. Each round there will be three tracks to

drive on and the sum of the scores qualifies for the next round.

First round: First 150 players qualifies for round two, signups will close

Second round: First 75 players qualifies for round three

Third round: First 25 players qualifies for the final round

Final round: Places 1 - 10 get prices

Awards :

The winner wil be the first Balkan Turnir champion ever :) also there will be some coppers

1. 5000 cp
2. 3000 cp
3. 1000 cp
4. - 10. 100 cp
( This prices are minimum amounts which may increase by an amount x regarding on donations to the tournament server during

the signup period and the whole tournament. All donators will be listed on the credits section )

General :

To keep it international the main language used should be english, not serbian or french. Laming, abusing, cheating etc. will be

punished by disqualification. The admins can change the rules to impove the competition.

so GL & HF

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