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Search Person Wh oDo not use His Coppers or not play ..

Posted: 20 Dec 2013 18:37
by picouz13
Good day at trackmaniens: D
I am currently looking for people enjoyed playing a trackmania united or having many coppers and not using them,
If I come today to ask you what it is because I intend to spend my server (tmtp :/ / # join = picouz42) in 75/90k!
I already 20,000 coppers to counter it myself therefore lacks 60,000!
I know there have some generous donors lurking here and by then I thought, but why not try my luck: D
then here if you're following my nickname: picouz13 do not hesitate to join me on a server to talk to me :)
I thank you in advance and hope that my message will be useful: D you ..