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Goodbye All

Posted: 09 Feb 2011 10:52
by Gekko
Well, in the end is happened.
PlayFaster closed yesterday afternoon, so also TPS and host services due to low traffic on game servers.
I wanna say goodbay to Florent, that always answered to me in 6 years (also if sometimes we discussed hard, but is job :) ), to Alinoa always gentle, Satanas, Slig, F*Fish, and all the players i met in all over the world.
Thx to you all, i learned very much, and i enlarged my knowledge in coding on new languages, so this will be never loss time.

I will return in TM2 as a player.
Good luck to Nadeo and to all young server admin, and..... ok, ok, also to Xymph and Zooz!! ehehhe!!! We are humans finally!!
Bye boys!!! Never surrender, never say always yes!!!

Re: Goodbye All

Posted: 09 Feb 2011 14:13
by Queen Jadis
Don't forget to give away the rest of your coppers :scene: some players still haven't received them.

Re: Goodbye All

Posted: 10 Feb 2011 20:46
by »Enryx«
Lol this^

Goodbye Gekko

Re: Goodbye All

Posted: 13 Feb 2011 21:22
by Dexu
GoodBye Gekko and thanks for all help you given :D
(if you got some Coppers left you could send me, im going to buy a server :D)
(login: heku)

Re: Goodbye All

Posted: 13 Feb 2011 22:26
by raiconnen
goodbye man, have fun in TM2, i will stay TM1 ;)
if you got coppers left, send some to raiconnen, wanna make the biggest cup ever. a nascar cup. First price 100k 2nd 50k 3th 25k
still need 75k but all little donations are welcome.

login: raiconnen