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TCE#2 started! Win many gifts!

Posted: 05 Dec 2010 17:16
by jimos94
Like last year TCE is about a tmf server online for about a month during the Christmas holidays. This year the event has been improved very much as we got many sponsors like PlayAll, Full Hosting Service, AllGamer, Nouseforname! Join our server named "Christmas Spirit" in Greece or search for "tmplanetxmas" in the in-game search engine and by playing at least one minute you have chances to win one of the gifts listed below:

5 USB Sticks of 4 GB each provided by PlayAll!
X-Large webhosting plan for 1 year provided by Full Hosting Service!
Basic Webhosting plan for 6 months given by AllGamer!
100.000 cp + scripts by Nouseforname!
1 TMF Server of 30 slots each online for 3 months by us ( + ts3 channel!

The event is based on luck so you don't have to be a skilled player to win a gift of the above! Click here for detailed information!!

Meeeeerry Christmas and a happy new year!

Re: TCE#2 started! Win many gifts!

Posted: 06 Dec 2010 10:56
by Domi
very nice thing, I've already checked this, hoping I'll be the lucky winner ^^

Re: TCE#2 started! Win many gifts!

Posted: 06 Dec 2010 14:03
by jimos94
good luck!