Batch File Parser for Tmos 0.62

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Batch File Parser for Tmos 0.62

Post by w1lla » 24 Aug 2007 13:20

After looking for a program to parse the logfile to stats i found a good way to do so.

Aseco uses a batch file to parse the aseco log and aseco.php

What i did is this:

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@echo off

rem ****** Set here your php path *******

set INSTPHP=D:\Nieuwe map\tmn\fasttmn\tmweb\Php

rem *************************************

"%INSTPHP%\php.exe" tmos_parser.php

This uses the tmos_parser.php to parse your own log of the files to the stats.

Some Instructions to let it work:
1. Make a new Text document and enter the above code in.
2. Change: set INSTPHP=D:\Nieuwe map\tmn\fasttmn\tmweb\Php to your own rootmap of PHP, like for example :xampp of usbwebserver.
3. Then when this u save it to for example: parse.bat or something else with extension .bat
4. Now you start to run the batch program and it will parse your log file to the stats.
5. After this u can press a key to shutdown the program

U you do not believe it works check your admin.php to see it for yourself i am not joking.

If u have comments please report them here or if u want an improvement please respond.

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