ESWC Masters of Paris

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Re: ESWC Masters of Paris

Post by ESWC-Sylvain » 23 May 2008 16:49

gaLLo, of course we have think about the fact that some players maybe can't come :) We just have announced the list of invited team and player, they all know have to send confirmation of their venue until a date, and then payed before mid June their registration fees for the tournament. So we will know progressively which player can come and which not, and then replace them by other players whose sent their candidature form.

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Re: ESWC Masters of Paris

Post by zYan » 24 May 2008 18:07

How will the process of elemination work for the waiting list? Will the main criteria be the date of application or the achievements?
I know it sounds like a pretty stupid question but it seems to me as if the system used to determine the invited players was very stupid as well.

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