Manialink creator needed

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Manialink creator needed

Post by Mip » 27 Nov 2011 17:10

Hey creative minds

I'm Mip and i would like to start a manialink. Due having a bad PC, it doesn't support much programs. And from xml-coding i don't know much. That's why i would like to ask true this way if anyone would like to make a manialink for me. The price for the manialink will be payed in coppers and the amount of it is discussible.

Many poeple already contacted me, but they weren't able to make everything I wanted, as for example a MODS- Page on the manialink. Below you will find what i want on my manialink.

+ Skins
+ Horns
+ Avatars
+ Tracks
+ Mods
+ Signs
+ Wallpapers
+ the games will be explained personally
-Secret extra something

That is what i want on my manialink. Because i know that there aren't much poeple who are able to make a casino, i won't mind if you are not able to make that, but the other pages are necessary! When someone applies t
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Re: Manialink creator needed

Post by danodude » 28 Nov 2011 14:04

Hi Mip! I have made quite a few manialinks. I only know how to make the standart xml type, not the php embeded ones. I am currently trying to work out how to use php in them though.

Here I have marked the ones I can do.
-Home - Yes
-Downloads - Yes
+ Skins - Yes
+ Horns - Yes
+ Avatars - Yes
+ Tracks - Yes
+ Mods - Yes
+ Signs - Yes
+ Wallpapers - Yes
-(Donations) - Yes
+ The games will be told personally - what does this mean?
-Casino - no
-Servers - needs to be explained more
-Gbook - no
-Links - Yes
-Secret extra something - needs to be explained more!

If you want examples, go to 'dml2' to see my personal tracks manialink, and 'MLCMM' to see my manialink converter program.

Instead, I could teach you how to make a manialink from xml. I have already written a tutorial on it, so check it out: It explains how to make the manialink, upload it to a web host, and regester it with Nadeo. :D

I know one thing for sure, is that it is much more rewarding to make your own! I will go though it with you(live) in tm anytime Im free, if you would like.

It would be easier to teach you than do it all by myself... so please consider that!

And if I did do it for you, I'd do it at no charge, since I love programming!(I usually do smaller projects though!). :1

Also, you need to know that making manialinks that big most probably will take more than 2 months for me because of homework and other things. :|

Anyway, thats what I can offer if I did take it on!

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highway camper
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Re: Manialink creator needed

Post by Mip » 28 Nov 2011 17:02

answered in PM

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