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Post by ew.E » 22 Oct 2010 19:20


after a few months of work with many timeouts ManiaRoulette is finally ready. But at
first a big thanks go to kastun :)


After a short registration, which is to keep the tmnf players away, you can
directly place your bets. I think the system of roulette everyone knows so that i don´t have to explain
it here, especially there´s a good explanation on ManiaRoulette.


How much points you can place is related by the results of all players from the last turns.
Drawings are 2x daily @ 6am and 6pm (GMT+1).
The minimum bet is 10 points.


So, I hope you like the Manialink and I wish you all good luck :)

Manialink: ManiaRoulettecolor> or Roulettecolor>

speedy pilot
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Re: ManiaRoulette

Post by jouko100 » 25 Oct 2010 14:28

cant register I have tmu

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