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[Manialink: metoxys] Tracks, Videos, Models

Post by metoxys » 17 Apr 2010 17:27

Hi everybody!
I've launched a Manialink quite recently.
It's available in three languages.
You can open it by typing in metoxys in the TMUF browser or by klicking herecolor>.

My general ideas:
  1. I thought that pictures as backgrounds are boring... Most of the backgrounds are short videos :)
metoxyscolor> = Just an Enter page
metoxys_homecolor> = Welcome page with Navigation on its left side
metoxys_trackscolor> = Under construction >.<" sorry
metoxys_videoscolor> = Should be done for now... More videos will be added soon
metoxys_partnerscolor> = Official partners :)
metoxys_donatecolor> If you have too many coppers and if you like to support people who almost don't have any coppers at all :cry: than it would be nice if you could donate a little :)

- Models
(eventually) Guestbook

United TMX nickname: metoxys
Online login: metoxys
Manialink: metoxyscolor>

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