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TMS/TMO replays in TMUF

Posted: 13 Jun 2020 14:44
by Maiker
I have been trying for a while to transfer TMO/TMS (mainly) (f.e. SkidOrDie) Nadeo/gold/silver/bronze replays to a TMUF. The goal is to make campaign from both previous games with replays which works in TMUF. The problem is that replay version file in TMS is 4, and in TMUF 7 and I don't see a solution to make them working. I can see all the ghosts in replay editor, although when I select track they are not visible anymore (and that is the main problem), saving replays again with different effects added won't help. I have also tried saving my own replay, editing it and adding ghosts from TMS replay file with same effect - only my ghost is visible. I have managed to find here different TMS+TMO zip files containing all the campaign maps. Only one was containing replay file (viewtopic.php?t=27353) with suprisingly working one ghost - medal author. What is weird, when I copy-paste replay file from my original TMS folder Nadeo ghost medal is not displayed. File in this .zip from forum in replay edtior again includes all ghosts from TMS, but only one - Nadeo's author medal can be selected and shows while playing the track. Changing this ghost name, skin works and successfuly applies to ghost on the track. I guess that because this one particular ghost somehow displays while playing, there is some way to add other ghosts working on a track. Can anyone help me solving this?