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Where are we at?

Posted: 25 Jan 2020 13:43
by MidnightGun
I used to play nations/United like crazy but not for some years. Is there anywhere I can find an up to date synopsis of what versions are currently available etc because even back in the day I wasn't entirely clear!

Are all versions still windows only, are they still active... I recall it seemed to be diminishing a bit with my favourite servers disappearing which is probably why I stopped playing.

Re: Where are we at?

Posted: 29 Jan 2020 03:26
by nicomoore0
There seems to be quite a few of us at the moment bringing back our nations and united servers. we just got ours back up in the last fortnight.We Are Crazy it's called, located UK-England-London.

It'd be good to see more and more people back on the old game. Our group of players have actually remained friends for over 12 years and decided as a collective to fire it back up for old times sake :)

Re: Where are we at?

Posted: 29 Jan 2020 09:03
by MidnightGun
We had a nice sense of community at my favourite server BiPolar Bears years back but then it just disappeared and I couldn't see any way to find out contact anyone.

I remember there were complaints about Nadeo making community servers harder to run or find or something and lots of people all seemed to leave?