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Brand New Servers

Post by scurvydawg » 23 Jan 2020 20:34

(if you want to skip all my wordiness... my server links are at the bottom. Note, all my tracks are in the TMNF Stadium evironment, so it does not matter if you are TMNF or TMU player)
Hi all!
I'm still basically a newb here, about 2 months in TMNF/TMU. I abandoned my previous favourite race series because of, well.. Vivendi bought the company.
I searched for a quality arcade racing experience and found this gem! I don't know why i never heard of TM until recently! I am trying hard to get my former race buddies to switch from Asphalt8/9 to the Trackmania series. I have made many original tracks; Grand Prix , Off Road, Mixed style, even some real FIA track replicas for F1/Indy fans!
I just finished adding Xaseco to my 4 servers, so now i can say they are Launched and ready to Play!
I host them on my main PC for now, but they are all on the specific harddrive that i will be putting in the server comp (i am building one from spare parts to run as a server itself).
You can find all of my tracks on TMX (author = scurvydawg)

My servers are not FreeZone yet, as I don't have nearly enough coppers to get started.
If you are TMNF player you will have to use the direct link in the Explore address bar.

First is the ADD Link...
tmtp://#addfavourite=(server name)
Next is the Join Link...
tmtp://#join=(server name)

THEN you will get an error message that says you can't connect... ignore it and now go to Online>Favourites> and it will be there. You can now just click the server to join. Complicated, i know, but it works just fine.

TMU players, just use the server Search tool for: "TheJollyRogers", "Grand Prix", "Off Road", "Gran Turismo", or "NASCAR"

"TheJollyRogers Grand Prix" my mix style tracks, some have loops, wall rides, jumps, tight turns, high speeds, but all street/road maps.
(server name= scurvdawg_server)

"TheJollyRogers Off Road" ..... is my dirt rally tracks, arena, hill climb, etc.
(server name = scurvydawg_server2)

"TheJollyRogers NASCAR 4 Noobs" ..... is my NASCAR training server. Start out with the basics and gradually race on more difficult tracks.
(server name = scurvdawg_server3)

"TheJollyRogers Gran Turismo" ..... best of the best, real track replicas for F1, Indy, and GT fans!
(server name = thejollyrogers_tmnf)

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