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How to use official tms maps in united

Posted: 18 May 2019 11:08
by Al9406
Hello im Alvaro, im going to teach us how to play the official trackmania sunrise maps in united.
You will need: Trackmania united forever, trackmania sunrise (this can be done in any windows system)
Firstly Install TMS, when it got installed go to the folder in wich you installed trackmania sunrise.
When you get into the tms folder go to "Game Data"
You will see 13 folders, go to "Tracks" folder.
You will see 2 folders: "Replays" and "Campaigns".
Go to campaigns get into the folders: "Nadeo" then to "Sunrise".
Copy and paste the Crazy, Plataform, Puzzle and Race folders (ignore the gbx files)
Search your "Trackmania"/"Trackmania United" folder.
Go to tracks>Challenges>My Challenges.
Paste the folders.
Important! Do this step correctly now or it wont work!
Get into the tms tracks folders that you pasted in my challenges, now delete all the REPLAYS gbx files. (Example: AirControl.Replay)
If you dont do that correctly might some tracks dont appear.
Now get into the game and enjoy the tracks. ;)
If you need help tell me.

Re: How to use official tms maps in united

Posted: 11 Sep 2019 19:23
by Ficule
Nice! But you don't need to install TMS on your computer, you can just download TMS tracks from TMX. :wink: