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sunday driver
sunday driver
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Need some racing tips

Post by smith-b-d » 16 Jan 2007 15:37

I need some tips for racing, most of my best times seem to be 2 seconds off the best time & 2 seconds is alot.

I just feel that there is something im not understanding to be able to do to get a better time.

Can somebody give me some tips or helpfull information that will help me to understand the phsics of the game so i can get a better time.

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swift roadking
swift roadking
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Post by Herrick » 16 Jan 2007 16:00

Well what control method are you using?

Also TMX has some tuts for coast and stadium.


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Post by Scheurhenk » 16 Jan 2007 16:02

The driving style is totally dependant on the environment, one of the great things in TMU. If you're good in one environment, you are not necessarily good in every environment, so it's depends which environments you are struggling.

In general skidding is bad and short distances are good, so try to take corners on the inside even if it costs speed (there are exceptions of course). Maybe you should download some replays from good drivers and compare your driving to theirs. That's the fastest way of learning the optimal driving style.

speedy pilot
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Post by Willum » 16 Jan 2007 18:05

Exiting the corner is far more important than the entry in terms of smoothness. One of the best pices of advide I hard, even though it seems common sense, is to put the gas back on, exiting a corner, when you know your not gonna have to take it off again. Don't tap tap tap at the button. Even if it means fighting your instincts, leaving off the gas for just that second longer before putting it on again can saves you tenths of a second. Over a lap that'll make all the difference.

tricycle manager
tricycle manager
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Racing Tips

Post by SpeedRacer5000 » 19 Jan 2007 05:07

Weelllll..... 1 tip for racin is that be easy and smooth on sharp turns instead of crashin into the side of the road this will help you online when competing agianst other poeple :D Anndddd.... BE FAST!!!!!!!!! oh yeah and if the person who made a track that has 0 checkpoints in it find some intresting shortcut to get ahead of poeple :D

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