reset my player statistics

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highway camper
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reset my player statistics

Post by koozz » 19 Aug 2014 18:20

Hi guys

I have been playing TM for a long time. I love the game, well done.

I need some assistance please... I want to "reset" all my statistics, my son have caught on to the game and played on my username. Now when I play, I get banned from servers because it says I'm a hacker? I would love to know how to hack, but I get the idea that my son has caused this predicament for me. So even though I have (in my eyes) cool statistics, it's worth nothing if I cannot compete against others.

I'm begging anyone to whack my statistics so that I can have a clean slate and enjoy the game for many years to come... Can anyone please assist me in getting this done? I just want to play as any other player without getting banned...

Thank you in advance...

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Pit Crew
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Re: reset my player statistics

Post by Xymph » 19 Aug 2014 21:19

This didn't belong in the Toolbox forum - moved.

A 'reset' ain't possible. You didn't mention your login but assuming it's the same as your forum name, you're talking about a Dedimania ban which can be lifted here.
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