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Cannot change server location

Posted: 17 Jan 2014 01:15
by csc2ya
I'm trying to change the location of both of my servers (trackmania united and canyon) to reflect where my server is hosted (France).

I managed to change it for the canyon server with no problems, but I cannot change the united server as it says it's still online, when it's not (I shut it down over three hours ago).

I've now made a second account and set the server to use that account while waiting for the master server to acknowledge that the server is no longer using the main account.

3 hours does seem very excessive for the master server to realize that the main account is no longer logged in.

When trying to change it, I get:
This account is now connected, please disconnect it before updating.
On trying to delete it so I can just recreate it, I get:
Error (152): player is online
How long should it take before I can edit it?

Update: Have now managed to changed the info for the primary account, and now I presume I need to wait an age for the master server to let me delete the second account. Would love to know why it takes so long.