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Music-Loop Tutorial (Especial for Beginners!)

Posted: 12 Jul 2016 18:39
by Zerbröseler
You want to Loop your Music in your Tracks?
No Problem, Its easy, And you need just one, A Track that have a identic Part from the End at the Beginning

First, You need to Download Audacity, From any Page, But without Download manager!

In the first part, You need to Search an Point that is identical to the end...





Simply cut the Identic end off, But warning, No part from the Instruments should be different, Or you will hear it, And wrong loops makes noises and Sounds like it Skips!

This is the new Beginning...

And this is the End!

Now do you have an Track that have the Ending like the Beginning, So should this Loop now Permanent

You can use it for Proffesional Map-Creating.
You need to Upload the Music to an Webspace so that others can hear it.

It works in TM2!
Not tested on TMF, But normally it should work.

And never Forget, No Parts should be different!