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Posted: 09 Nov 2006 18:06
by Retodon8
Acegikmo wrote:No, TMO and TMS environment textures will stay the same as it is now.
If I read that correctly, only TMN (and in TMU only the Stadium environment) supports normal mapping?
Since the TMU engine supports specular and normal mapping, it should be possible to add those to the other environments... I sort of hoped Nadeo would do that.

What about specular mapping, I'm pretty sure I remember seeing the road in TMO (don't think it was in the actual original first version of TM) reflect in some places (due to wear from car tyres I suppose) when viewed from the right angle.
Truthfully I'm not sure, because my current, aging system isn't really all that good at supporting eye candy anymore. :(
It would be perfect if this could be cleared up in the original post, making this tutorial a bit more complete.

Also, the specularity map is based on the diffuse map, but it isn't quite clear how that works.
Maybe it could be added that this takes advantage of the fact that the darker places on the diffuse map correspond with the less reflective places, the lighter with the more reflective places.
The alpha layer then only changes the overall strength of the effect.
At least, if I got that all right, this won't work with every kind of texture.
If I wanted to create... say a marble chessboard kind of road, the black and white tiles would be equally shiny, only the grooves between tiles would be more matte.
Since these are simple geometric shapes, it's relatively easy to create a convincing specular map by hand.
Maybe this could be added as a second example?

Finally, perhaps it's nice to point to Wikipedia (or other) articles about the different shaders and things for an in-depth explanation for those curious.

Oh, and I love the tutorial; don't get me wrong! :)

Posted: 10 Nov 2006 06:48
by Acegikmo
TMPU got updated to TMO, making speculars for the textures as you said.
And yes, the specular maps in the TMO textures are in the alpha layer, and it works like you said. ;)

Glad you like the tutorial :)

Posted: 27 Nov 2006 20:08
by loozerr
robert1 wrote:do the plugins work with elements?
Yep, it does, but you cannot edit alpha channels with elements.

Posted: 01 Dec 2006 21:57
by slow
I presume that there is no way to get the normal maps onto skins? :lol:
I think you could do some cool effects with that 8)

Posted: 04 Dec 2006 15:02
by Mac Matrix
Can you post a downloadable version of this? I can't make these mods whilst I'm online lol.

Posted: 09 Dec 2006 14:21
by Acegikmo
File > Save as...
in your internet browser ;)

Posted: 11 Dec 2006 03:01
by SpeedRacer5000
Okay i just am not getting this whole photoshop skinning thing can someone help me please. :(

Posted: 13 Dec 2006 17:16
by Mac Matrix
Acegikmo wrote:File > Save as...
in your internet browser ;)
I need the images as well, and this PC won't let me right click them. =/

stupid library.

Posted: 13 Jan 2007 19:57
by Ls777
I know a program called the GIMP. (
The gimp is just like photoshop, but free.
Does anybody know how to make normal maps with it?

Posted: 16 Jan 2007 16:45
by Mac Matrix
Ls777 wrote:I know a program called the GIMP. (
The gimp is just like photoshop, but free.
Does anybody know how to make normal maps with it?
Photoshop is free if you have Torrent or eMule =P

but you would have to check the NVIDIA site for that, as far as I know, you need PS for it.


I've also looked over this and I'm thinking of PMing Ace my own version... like an update. But anyway I have a few pointers to add on top of the already superb tut.

Knowing what does what

- There are a lot (not exaggerating) of files in the TM games that you can edit for mods, but it's usually not obvious what the textures relate to. For files such as 'StadiumRoadTurbo', the image that shows up is rather obvious but for others it doesn't seem apparent what they do.

My suggestions on this really is the basis of 'trial and error'.

-Basically, if you don't know what a file does, test it. Load the file and do something obvious to it like streak a massive diagonal red line all across it, and then save it into a ZIP folder which you should then put in the respective folder in the TM directory so that it shows up in the game as a skin mod.

Though this is time-consuming, it is an easy way for you to see what files change what, as in doing this you will hopefully be able to see what certain files actually change in the game itself, so that you can get it right. Also in doing this you can see how the game might alter the texture map (for example TMN's inflatable sides) to fit certain shapes and heights of objexts.

Again, for the moods folder the same thing applies. If you're not sure what the files do change then radically and see what happens when they're used in-game.

Bear in mind to save the edited files in a different place. you don't want to go altering the default files and have to reinstall the game to sort it all out. =P

Hope that helps a little. It did for me. =]

Posted: 17 Jan 2007 21:17
by Claes
Hi, im trying to make my own mod now, but i
dont find the .dds from the loop parts, anyone know what they're named?

Btw, good guide Acegikmo, worked perfect :D

Re: Mod Textures - High quality D N S maps - how to make it work

Posted: 21 Oct 2007 18:19
by Silverr
Ok.. one thing i dont understand.
i´ve downloaded a mod, put it in right folder.. cause i can select it in tmn when i select editor > new track...
now i´m trying to make a own mod. but i cant find it in TMN!!??... I place it with the downloaded versions but it´s nowhere to be foundin tmn

What am i doing wrong? i use the plugin to photoshop.... maybe i saving the files in wrong way or something?. i don´t know really.
Please, can someone try to solve my little little problem?.

Re: Mod Textures - High quality D N S maps - how to make it work

Posted: 01 Mar 2008 01:54
by blasta
HEy, Nice Work : ) Gratz.. but, how i can create my own car ??, some skins i download i cant add in game :S

Re: Mod Textures - High quality D N S maps - how to make it

Posted: 23 Nov 2016 22:54
by realh
I'm a bit confused. The explanation that TM uses R0GzByAx instead of RxGyBzA0 makes most sense, but the instructions on how to convert it in PS says only move the red to alpha (R0GyBzAx). Or would one of the images that are now missing show an option in the dialog to swap G and B (or Y and Z)?

To confuse matters more, dose says just copy any one of RGB into the alpha I don't think that's right, though.