stripColors & whatever - need comments & functions

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Re: stripColors & whatever - need comments & functions

Post by nocturne » 09 Oct 2010 10:39

Definitely some good recent work... I've noticed quite a few more accurate color code renderings since I instituted Slig's most recent changes in a few of my scripts.

And, agree with Xymph... I have players that somehow think a color code like $fof is real... and unfortunately TMF can somehow still recognize it as something workable beyond my reasoning, thus screwing up the display in every other script such as stats and RCP. I say let them suffer from their own stupidity... turn invalid codes into $g by default!
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Re: stripColors & whatever - need comments & functions

Post by Xymph » 09 Oct 2010 15:34

Xymph wrote:... except in one case:
"$[test" is stripped to "test" whereas the game renders it as "[test". Similar for "$]test", but all other non-alphanumerics after that $ are stripped along with the $. I tried a few approaches, but haven't found a way yet to match that effect.
It took a lot of fiddling and testing, but this is solved now. The trick was a look-ahead assertion for the brackets. I've also updated the comments related to Slig's changes. Here is the updated über-überfunc: :D

Code: Select all

 * Summary: Strips all display formatting from an input string, suitable for display
 *          within the game ('$$' escape pairs are preserved) and for logging
 * Params : $input - The input string to strip formatting from
 *          $for_tm - Optional flag to double up '$' into '$$' (default, for TM) or not (for logs, etc)
 * Returns: The content portions of $input without formatting
 * Authors: Bilge/Assembler Maniac/Xymph/Slig
function stripFormatting($input, $for_tm = true) {
        //Replace all occurrences of a null character back with a pair of dollar
        //signs for displaying in TM, or a single dollar for log messages etc.
        str_replace("\0", ($for_tm ? '$$' : '$'),
            //Replace links (introduced in TMU)
                #Strip TMF H, L & P links by stripping everything between each square
                #bracket pair until another $H, $L or $P sequence (or EoS) is found;
                #this allows a $H to close a $L and vice versa, as does the game
                //Keep the first and third capturing groups if present
                //Replace various patterns beginning with an unescaped dollar
                    #Match a single dollar sign and any of the following:
                        #Strip color codes by matching any hexadecimal character and
                        #any other two characters following it (except $)
                        #Strip any incomplete color codes by matching any hexadecimal
                        #character followed by another character (except $)
                        #Strip any single style code (including an invisible UTF8 char)
                        #that is not an H, L or P link or a bracket ($[ and $])
                        #Strip the dollar sign if it is followed by [ or ], but do not
                        #strip the brackets themselves
                        #Strip the dollar sign if it is at the end of the string
                    #Ignore alphabet case, ignore whitespace in pattern & use UTF-8 mode
                    //Replace any matches with nothing (i.e. strip matches)
                    //Replace all occurrences of dollar sign pairs with a null character
                    str_replace('$$', "\0", $input)
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Re: stripColors & whatever - need comments & functions

Post by Slig » 09 Oct 2010 18:20

Xymph wrote:Here is the updated über-überfunc: :D
Looks nice ! :thumbsup:

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