ERROR: The playlist file does not exist.

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ERROR: The playlist file does not exist.

Post by Fogante » 18 Jun 2012 22:33

So I've been hurling my head around this for about an hour, I read tons of topics about people with the same problem but I still get the same problem in each attempt.

I'm on windows 7, I created a shortcut from the original launcher and changed the path in order for it to go to the right folder.

My playlist file is named "settings.txt" and is inside the MatchSettings folder. So the code part that matters is this (the one inside the shortcut properties):

The file is the one named "NationsBlue" but renamed and re-moved into the MatchSettings file, as the tutorial I was watching proposed.

I've tried to define the path from the folder "Trackmania" (which is the one I have my dedicated server in) all the way until the MatchSettings (through GameData and Tracks folders), and it looked something like:


It was a longshot, I'm no programer and obviously clueless to how the "game_settings=MatchSettings" went directly to that folder without passing through the other two refered previously.

Any help? Thanks!

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