Trackmania2Serverbox ( TM2SB )

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Trackmania2Serverbox ( TM2SB )

Post by Merlin » 28 Sep 2011 18:21

Due to many requests, updating TmSiaB... Here it is: The "Trackmania 2 Serverbox":


TM2SB is the answer for all of those, who are not able to russ the readme´s of Dedicated Software, Plugins, Webserver but urgently want to host via a Dedicated Server.

"TM2SB v0.9.2 MULTIPLEX" includes among others:

- A ( near ) idiotproof Wizard, which will guide you through the setup
- Trackmania 2 Canyon Dedicated Server BETA ( 2011-09-05 )
- XAseco 2 ( v0.95 )
- FUFI Widgets ( v2.04BETA )
- FUFI Menu ( v2.03BETA )
- FAST4 ( 4.0.0d )
- FOX Control for TM2 ( 0.4.1 )
- ManiaLive2 ( r260 )
- ManiaLive MLEPP ( r1050 )
- TMGery ( 07/09/2011 )
- RemoteCP ( Modded for TM2 )
- USBWebserver v8 incl. PHP5.3.8
- Firefox Portable v6.1
- Updatefunction for TM2SB

Although most of the included Software has BETA-Status, it works like a charm. :D



Download and Installation of TM2SB

4 minutes to create a Dedicated Server

Upload tracks with remoteCP
( Hint: TM2SB will now open remoteCP with a capable Browser at any time - you don't have to copy that link from IE to Chrome or FF anymore...)

TM2SB Multiplextutorial on

Note: This is a BETA. I will update things in between... Therefore, by all means: After downloading TM2SB click on "Administration"->"Extras"->"Update TM2SB" to receive the latest updates!

Feel free to give Feedback and please report errors in this thread!


XR_Merlin ( TM2-Login: rursus )
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highway camper
highway camper
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Re: Trackmania2Serverbox ( TM2SB )

Post by Lau » 30 Sep 2011 13:55

Sorry for my English, and my question but I have a problem,
I must really be stupid.
The program TM2SB is ok and very nice and very easy to configure. that's good. the server tm works everything is good.
My problem is when I want to connect on remotecp, I turn around.(localhost:8080/remotecp....)
What is the username and password that you must write?
I try to create an account, I enter a username, password, logintm ok, the account is created and after I return to the login page I enter my username and password and I make identifying invalid.
I also try TM login and password created in the server configuration and the same thing. I have missed something but I don't know what it is.

PS: win7, on local pc

highway camper
highway camper
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Re: Trackmania2Serverbox ( TM2SB )

Post by Lau » 30 Sep 2011 16:20

ok I'm really stupid, it was enough to read in TM2SB => Home


thank you anyway and nice job :thumbsup:

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highway camper
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Re: Trackmania2Serverbox ( TM2SB )

Post by part1cl3 » 15 Nov 2011 17:36

hi, where can I find the credentials for the mysql service that comes with TM2SB?

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highway camper
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Re: Trackmania2Serverbox ( TM2SB )

Post by NKAc_Street » 30 Nov 2011 02:20

Will there be an update to this since XAseco2 has been updated to include dedimania? Or does someone know how to install it?

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