Download track via UID

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Download track via UID

Post by n4p1 » 03 Aug 2011 16:36


I would like to rebuild my old server, i have only xaseco mysql backup. Is there a way to download tracks via track uid? I have Uid, track name and author name.

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Re: Download track via UID

Post by Xymph » 03 Aug 2011 18:03

TMX can be browsed by UID:

Code: Select all<uid>
Note that you need to use the right section (united, tmnforever, etc) for the pertaining UID for that to work though.

You can also use their API (via the TMXInfoFetcher class included with XAseco, perhaps) to script automatic downloading of all tracks you're looking for.
If that's daunting, you'll have learned the importance of backups. :wink:
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