Error PLease help me

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Error PLease help me

Post by cosminioan » 28 Mar 2011 17:18

Hello all. I have 1 server tm. All is ok but i dont have manialive(for freezone) i try to install manialive but received various errors .Now i received this..
18:44:11 XML-RPC connection established
ManiaLive\DedicatedApi\Xmlrpc\exception with code -1000
Password incorrect.
BlaBla/dedicatedapi\xmlrpc\client_gbx.php on line 269
Stack #0
Client_Gbx.php<295> ManiaLive\DedicatedApi\xmlrpc\client_gbx->getresult<>
ManiaLive\dEDICATEDAPI\xmlrpc\client_gbx->query 'authenticate' :superadmin, superadmin
DedicatedApi\Connection.php 137 call_user_func_Array
#3 ...
Sorry i cant copy paste.. And for my english
PLease help me :( my YM is

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Re: Error PLease help me

Post by Xymph » 28 Mar 2011 18:16

1. Don't double post, I deleted the repeat.
2. The official ManiaLive forum would be a better place to get help.
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Re: Error PLease help me

Post by TheM » 31 Mar 2011 11:36

I assume you inserted your SuperAdmin password in the config.ini ?
If you did, it doesn't match the dedicated one ;)

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