TMAS - karma/records ratio

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Rose Tattoo
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TMAS - karma/records ratio

Post by Rose Tattoo » 01 Mar 2009 11:26


I use for my server stats 2 different progs, TMOS and TMAS

TMAS is able to read how many karma++ were given

When I search for tracks there are many tracks which were driven not often but are very nice. So a friend began to modify TMAS to get a "karma/ driven records-ratio"

example: 100 server records are added to my sql-data and the track got 40 karma, its 40% good votes-ratio, the track will appear at top in the stats.

the other track has 5 records with 5 karma++, its a 100% good voted track but appears on page 200 if I look for good voted tracks.

So I would like to sort all tracks for that ratio and forgotten tracks will appear on the first stats pages.

My friend could modify TMAS already that i can see the ratio if I click on the track but he couldnt find a way to sort it...

Could anybody modify TMAS? Would be a great stats option for many server owners to find forgotten tracks. I made it yesterday step by step and picked out around 150 tracks and it was a really great time on the server :)

thx in advance

link to TMAS thread viewtopic.php?f=28&t=3424&hilit=TMAS

EDIT: 09.03.09
I got the modification from a friend, if anyboby is interested, just PM me...

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