Dedicated server for TMF, version 2008-07-18 beta

This is the place where you can find everything related to the dedicated server, control scripts and community tools.

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Dedicated server for TMF, version 2008-07-18 beta

Post by xbx » 18 Jul 2008 17:47

You can download it from ...
or ... -07-18.tgz

(both contain the same files, and windows and linux executable.)

if all goes well, I'll remove the beta tag....

  • crash when using maps with music
  • relays of relays are now supported
  • an issue where sometimes UDP was broken if the expected port was already in use.
  • fixed validation in laps mode. (unfortunately, needs client update as well..)
  • fixed a problem with login changing unexpectedly
  • the proxy settings are now always used. (for locators instead of just for masterserver requests)
  • increase tunnel bandwidth for server-to-relay communication
  • in case of points equality in round, team... modes, the scores are sorted using the bestime (of all rounds) of the players.
  • a few other small fixes.

speedy pilot
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Re: Dedicated server for TMF, version 2008-07-18 beta

Post by lepapa » 18 Jul 2008 19:01

prem ;) :gobananas:
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