T.R.U.C.K. Server Manager [16.Aug.2009]

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Re: T.R.U.C.K. Server Manager [16.Aug.2009]

Post by TheCrow » 07 Sep 2009 08:31

Xymph wrote:
TheCrow wrote:Can anyone tell me where i aquire my login for dedimania when using truck?
You already have it.
TheCrow wrote:I see the place to enter the username and password. But nowhere on the dedimania site can i see where u sign up, neither can i find any guides on there forum or this one?
It's your server's login and password (or the corresponding community code) that need to be used for connecting to Dedimania.
Wow i really cant believe i have been that stupid lol!

Thanks for the fast reply. Much appreciated!

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