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AsecoTMU Plugin: /statsall

Posted: 22 Jan 2008 22:03
by Xymph
As promised, I've written a plugin for AsecoTMU that provides a /statsall command, analogous to that command in ASECO/RASP for TMN, although the actual details that it shows differ quite a bit due to what info can be requested from the respective master servers for both games.

So on TMU, this plugin displays a player's statistics on the world ladder, on all seven environment ladders (Bay, Coast, Desert, Island, Rally, Snow, Stadium) and, optionally, the player/subzone statistics on the zone ladders. The plugin requires the TMUDataFetcher, which is included in the zip file, along with a readme.txt to explain installation, usage, and how to enable searching the zone ladders. Feel free to download it from my page.