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.dds settings/configuration for flags

Posted: 31 May 2007 04:49
by hockmen

i searched the forum for a topic about it but i don't find any. so i post one on my own.

i downloaded the .dds plugin for photoshop to make a custom flag.
but when i save it to .dds i don't know what configuration i must use. i saw on an other forum that you can use DXT1 for stickers. so i tried to do this. i see my flag in the flag section of the game, i take the custom flag but when i'm online it doesn't appear. after 2 rounds my flag is still the black/grey flag of a registered user. so after 12 min it's still downloading? no way! so i think my configuration is bad.

can somebody give me the configuration settings?

ow yeah. i tried to do it in the game itself but there is the same problem as above (doesn't show online) a half year ago i did it with a early version of the .dds plugin and this still works fine. i just want to have a new costum flag for now.

i use this plugin: ... egacy.html

I'm a registered user. so my car and flag is shown to everybody. this is not the problem


Posted: 01 Jun 2007 22:52
by hockmen
did nobody ever did this?

Posted: 03 Jun 2007 16:56
by Funnyman
Image avatar:

Size 128 x 128 pixels
filesize <20 kb
save as dds
dxt1 no alpha No transparantie
dxt1 1bit alpha with transparant parts

Thats all there is to it