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FreeZone FAQ

Post by Alinoa » 13 Dec 2010 11:23

What is the Freezone ?
All the servers managed by Nadeo and accessible to Trackmania United Forever and Trackmania Nations Forever are in the FreeZone.

What is an online server ?
An online server hosts the game and offers players to connect to the game.
FreeZone’s servers are managed by Nadeo, and the rest are hosted by other players.

I see a long list of online servers but I cannot access them. Why ?
Servers hosted by players are only accessible through Trackmania United Forever.
On Trackmania Nations Forever, only the FreeZone’s servers are accessible.

I only have Trackmania Nations Forever. Can I still play on servers not listed in the FreeZone ?
To play on other players’ servers, there are 2 solutions :
1/ You must add the server you want to join to your list of favorite servers. To do this, copy the TMTP link below and copy it in your game’s browser address bar, and change the letters in red into the login of your favorite server.
2/ You upgrade your "Nations" account for a "United" account, using the ingame button "Upgrade to United Forever". By upgrading, you do not lose any of your accomplishments so far. You simply download new environments, maps and options.
What is a favorite server ?
A favorite server is a game’s server that you like playing on, where you join friends. Each server is managed by a player or a group of players and offers tracks, mods, music and more.

How many favorite servers can I have ?
It is limited to 8 in Trackmania Nations Forever. In Trackmania United Forever the maximum is 32.

I had more than 8 favorite servers, which ones have been saved ?
The three last servers added to your favorites have been saved.

How can I manage my favorite servers ?
You can manage your servers directly in-game, when your favorite servers are online. You can also use your player page : The player page is accessible only to players counting more than 4 hours played on Trackmania.

Can I set a direct hosting open to all ?
You have to write <hide_server>1</hide_server> in the dedicated_cfg.txt configuration file of your server and players can join the server by copying the TMTP link below and copy it in your game’s browser address bar, and change the letters in red into the login of the server :

To retrieve the server login, several solutions explained here
Overview of ladder servers available here
To add a server in your favorit list, copy this link in your game’s browser address bar

For direct hosting open to all, write <hide_server>1</hide_server> in the command line and use